Vermibus – Dissolving Europe

Dissolving Europe


”Dissolving Europe” stormed Europe back in 2013, The Berlin based artist, Vermibus manipulates the images on modern advertisements by removing the flesh of the models on the posters, dehumanizing what has already been made impersonal. Using solvents to transform advertisements into commentaries, Vermibus evokes voodoo art while highjacking capitalism.”

Juxtapoz. com

Dissolving Europe documentary is conceived as a trip film, which shows the way of Vermibus and his art to go through Europe. The creation process, the ups and downs and the art works are showed as part of his portrait. The trip was planned together and it was around 6 of the biggest cities in Europe in 18 days. The intention is to have a combined format, half short film and half documentary. Both image and music were thoroughly edited according to the startling feeling we wanted to transmit, we worked with Marcello De Francisci simultaneously to create the orchestral soundtrack. The documentary was shoted during August and September 2013 in Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Milano, Vienna, Prague with DSRL cameras.

Dissolving Europe had a great success, was screened in all kind of contexts: galeries, museums, art fairs, cinemas, international broadcast and international moive festivals.

Role; Direction, D.O.P, Edit, Postproduction assistant